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What Is Low cost dental insurance ?

  • Low cost Dental Insurance Is Nothing But longer pointed Low cost Dental Insurance of progressed .
  • Just show you I want to show you the  progression of your mouth okay when you first came to us you started off with a  normal.
  • Healthy gum tissue which is nice and pink and pointed and it’s firm and then it progressed to gingivitis when  you came.
Low cost dental insurance
Low cost dental insurance
  • In you’re pregnant and you had pregnancy gingivitis due to hormonal changes and what that did is kind of created false.
  • Pocketing upon probing you  had a lot of bleeding you had inflammation so these nice pointed tissue is kind of inflamed and.

Puffy and red and kind of boggy to touch.

  • and now I mean you haven’t been in to see us for  approximately ten years and you.
  • Have progressed to periodontitis and what they did I get rid of it you sit on a hat like this and divide it but it goes away you know you cannot get rid .
  • Of this  unfortunately but it is maintainable so with regular visits and that I recommend that you see a periodontist they may.
  • Recommend that you seek treatment every three to four months instead of every  six months that is normal for a healthy person to maintain oral health so I would recommend that Perry periodontitis is kind of wanting of the tissue you.
  • Lost attachment you actually lost all of this point of gum  tissue it is now receded or kind of gone upward and then you’re.

You’re seeing root surfaces so is that what that yellow.

  • Yeah that the color change is actually where the root is and the problem with exposed.
  • Roots is that it  puts you at a higher risk for developing cavities as well as it actually creates a rough surface for plaque and.
  • Bacteria to I’m kind of multiply on to so and so that’s the two things that we showed you there and your bone levels have.
  • Kind of  decreased so your your your tooth is not structurally as sound as it was when you had healthy tissue or even a gingivitis.
  • Because with gingivitis we could reverse that with brushing and flossing and regular visits okay I also have some other photos for you this may give you a  better