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dental help hours all up to do the treatment including dental help trains and metal Trion’s and all the rest on so take your pick whatever fear you feel comfortable with mm that’s where basically.

dental help
dental help
  • what this gentleman paid there’s the x-ray there now the first appointment was when we place the implants
  • we did the but prepped the abutments with dinner prep a bridge preparation and and took the maximum edible relationships .
  • a bite record to his letter we did the metal train and the final bite relationship third deployment bridge
  • Segmentation done in four weeks done finished now often patients come
  • with unstable low of full dentures as was this case that I showed

you at the beginning flat ridges when they were flat or a little bit of a ridge doesn’t matter for mini implants very easily placed in their little housings placed within the denture with little rubber o-rings and they clip over the ball end of

the implants because there’s a little ball in there the rubber o-ring clips at the top and and it’s carried within that housing which is within the denture and it gives them a very sturdy rock-solid outcome within a matter of a couple of hours

again patients are Ganga’s account where a full potential of palatal coverage now powerful coverage like this is a real issue for a lot of patients but you can place five or six of these rooms actually it’s preferable to use six or seven even eight of

them as you can and put this housing in there that dancing clips on magnificently and gives them a superb outcome you can leave that part completely free of any crook again as situations where patients may have powerful tour I you do

the same thing just a palace I heard engine just supported by implants in the alveolar Ridge this was an elderly patient I think that came to see