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Things U Should Know About Dental

Things U Should Know About Dental

Dental also going to be paid co-payments by  those patients similar to what you’re getting from those patients right now  but we’ll leave that aside for later in the interest  low cost dental of conservatism so now you’ve got a million five in Billings  before patients come through the door but because that money that we’re paying Dental you is coming in at the first of.


every Dental  month you can now plan some of your expenses now you know  and I know if you’ve been in dentistry for more than even two years then a lot of your  expenses are related  low cost dental to staff you may pay your associates forty percent to Billings you may pay your pop dental insurance plans hygienist for hygiene hour that they bill in other  words you give up a big percentage of the. 

money that staff generate for you because you don’t know when that money’s  low cost dental coming through the door and you don’t  want to be on the hook teeth insurance  for a payment if you don’t have a billing to cover it well now you do now you have over in this example half a million dollars coming into you in  equal monthly payments because employers are paying you the.

way an insurance company  used  to be paid and  dental surgery insurance we’ll get into why they do that later you could take that half million dollars and suddenly say hey  wait a minute why don’t I pay my associates a salary and then instead of paying him.

of Billings pay them less why don’t I pay my hygienists something dental less poor hygiene our because they have a fixed base so the payment becomes a  bonus why don’t I stock my patients on particular days and pay people a salary per day for example so what you’re gonna start to do is what all other businesses do which is.