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sand timer sometimes when those checks come  back in the mail or the claim if you get a claim it could be a rejection letter  so think about that you’ve sand timer .

  • Waited three weeks for that a rejection letter to come back have to address that again  and send it back I would say the most important thing is getting your payment between and to days versus in the mail I mean there’s many benefits to it.
  • I mean if the if you yeah if they give their staff the tools and the training to do it where they receive electronic payment then they can implement that system as far as receiving electronic  payment and it just would make their cash flow much better.
  • Monthly okay and how much would it cost for them to have you fly to their office and set that up well the expense of the flight and it  really depends on the size of the practice that’s how I go by that and why why I’m gonna say this too is some.
sand timer
sand timer
  • offices might already be set up with one or two electronic insurance payments if that’s the case then I give them a break  on the feed that I charge but if it’s a larger practice .
  • I would say anywhere between two to four thousand dollars and it really depends on the size of the practice and that is set getting it all set up and training their staff how to  implement that electronic system of the payment and so so basically they’re gonna.
  • Do all this stuff and they’re just gonna get a faster turnaround time on their money yes sir you know and because of these claims management services that they have they  it’s not only that they also implement a really important part of that is.
  • The eligibility information a lot of offices are getting more into finding out ahead of time what a patient’s insurance eligibility is which is the big benefit also and that can all be done  electronically through the websites also or .
  • Even through those claims management services they offer that stuff now stop and think about it if you have say you’re working within that claims management service you can look a week ahead and it pulls from your software.
  • Program your patients that are scheduled for the following week you can look up their eligibility and find out what it is is a week later they come into your practice now that’s a benefit in itself because it’s gonna tell you what they don’t.