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The pro fluoride is  dentemax supportive research come and sort of funded through industry and people who stand against not much dentemax many studies that come out now are you familiar with the clock in collaboration I’ve heard Cochrane is the

Most esteemed organization on the planet to to assess drugs and treatments and therapies and hangs in the medical world and they did in did a big study on water fluoridation and the Cochrane Collaboration found that there was only about studies that were anywhere near viable.

They weren’t good high grade studies but they were okay and only three of those were done since Wow no since we’ve had a lot more into toothpaste and a lot more dental treatments yeah better diets and all those things which is contributed to cavities he carries if .

You look at the cavities he carries say in the s and then you follow that down to the s they’ve gone down markedly in every country in the world whether they’re fluoridated or not the same way they all come down the same way so what a fluoridation is.

That nothing to do with that but the pro fluoridation is often take credit for that oh look in our country Terri’s came down well they came down Indian countries which brings me to another important point we’re made to feel in Calgary like we’re the outliers .

That were the rebels that we did something wrong did we well actually percent of the world is not fluoridated percent of Europe is not fluoridated they’re up and more progressive than us as fluoridated salt available in some of those countries but

that’s choice percent of Quebec is not fluoridated their teeth are actually reasonably good percent of British Columbia right next door to us not fluoridated and they happen most in British Columbia be having some of the best dental health and Canada and guess

what the pro fluoridation star even trying to fluoridate all of British Columbia Wow amazing just yeah okay I’m gonna double check on how we’re doing with time time check what time oh okay so I have a couple more questions I want to make sure that I’d get to with you and before I do that